A Journey to the Northern Paradise

Welcome to the northernmost paradise of the Philippines, where time seems to stand still, and nature unfolds its breathtaking beauty – BATANES. Nestled in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, this group of islands is a haven for those seeking tranquility, stunning landscapes, and a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the Ivatans, the indigenous people of Batanes.


The landscapes of Batanes are nothing short of spectacular. Picture rolling hills, reminiscent of scenes from a fantasy movie, where lush green fields meet the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The Marlboro Country in Racuh a Payaman and the Fundacion Pacita are must-visit spots for a surreal experience.


The coastlines of Batanes are rugged and dramatic. The view of the crashing waves against the cliffs is a sight to behold. Be sure to visit Valugan Boulder Beach, where gigantic boulders are strewn along the shore, creating a unique and mesmerizing seascape.


Batanes is not only a tourist destination but also a testament to sustainable living. The Ivatans have a deep respect for nature, and efforts are made to preserve the islands’ ecological balance. Visitors are encouraged to be responsible tourists and participate in eco-friendly activities.


From its surreal landscapes and cultural richness to the warm hospitality of the Ivatans, every moment spent in Batanes is a journey into the heart of nature and tradition.


So, pack your bags, Tara sa Batanes! and let the northern paradise enchant you with its beauty and serenity. Discover the magic of this hidden gem before the world catches on, and experience a piece of the Philippines that feels like a world of its own.

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