Frequently Asked Qestions

What is the main goal or mission of your website?


The main goal of Taralets Pinas! is to share the hidden beauty and unlocked stories of the Philippines, and to create a vibrant community of travel enthusiasts who share our love for the Philippines. We aim to inspire and connect Filipinos through the joy of exploration and the unique experiences that come with traveling around the country.


How does your content align with the theme of travel and adventure using cars?


Our content is centered around showcasing the hidden beauty of the Philippines made possible by driving the right vehicles. Mitsubishi vehicles are robust and dependable, giving you the freedom to explore even the smallest of roads and discover new destinations around the Philippines.


What type of content can visitors expect to find on your website?


Visitors can expect a diverse range of content, including travel narratives, community explorations, destination guides, and tips for adventure seekers. Our focus is on discovering the lesser known but equally delightful destinations around the Philippines.


Are the articles primarily focused on specific car models, travel destinations, or adventure activities?


Our articles cover a broad spectrum, including specific Mitsubishi car models used in travel, detailed insights into featured destinations, and various activities experienced along the way.


Who are the contributors or authors of the articles on your website?


Our contributors come from diverse backgrounds, including travel enthusiasts, Mitsubishi car owners, and individuals passionate about sharing their unique experiences. While not necessarily experts in the automotive or travel industry, they bring authenticity and a love for exploration to their storytelling.


Are they experts in the automotive or travel industry?


While our contributors may not always be industry experts, they bring firsthand experiences that resonate with fellow travelers and car enthusiasts.

Navigating the Website:


What destinations are featured on the website?


The website features articles from various Philippine destinations, including Bacolod, Guimaras, Iloilo, Pampanga, Davao, South Cotabato, Cebu City, Kalinga-Apayao, Baguio, Bontoc, and Siquijor.


How is the homepage structured?


The homepage features a “Featured Episode,” the map of the Philippines, and a “Share Your Experience” button. Clicking on the featured episode will lead you to an article. The map has pins categorized into “Byahe,” “Kain,” “Fiesta,” “Likha,” and “Kwento.” When you click on a category pin, all pins under the chosen category will appear on the map. These pins represent the locations where articles related to the chosen category were taken. Clicking on a specific pin will reveal articles associated with that location.


What are the categories in the Discover page?


The Discover page has categories such as “Byahe,” “Kain,” “Fiesta,” “Likha,” and “Kwento.” Clicking on these categories allows you to explore articles based on different themes.


What can I find on the Drive page?


The Drive page showcases featured Mitsubishi cars used in traveling the Philippines, as mentioned in the articles. Clicking on a specific car will route you to all articles that used that particular car.


What information is available on the About page?


The About page includes a message from the Mitsubishi president and the “Tara Lets Manifesto,” providing insights into the brand’s commitment and philosophy.


Are there links to Mitsubishi’s social media accounts?


Yes, the website includes links to Mitsubishi’s YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.


How do I navigate back to the homepage from an article?


You can return to the homepage by clicking the website logo or using the navigation menu.


Will your website include car reviews or recommendations for specific travel scenarios?


Yes, Taralets Pinas will feature occasional car reviews and recommendations, particularly focusing on how specific Mitsubishi models perform in various travel scenarios. These reviews consider factors such as comfort, fuel efficiency, and suitability for different terrains.


What measures do you have in place to protect user data?


For further information, refer to the Privacy and Policy page.


Is there a privacy policy outlining how user information is handled?


Yes and for further information, refer to the Privacy and Policy page.


How can users get in touch with your team for inquiries or support?


If you have questions or inquiries about TARALETS PINAS, please contact us at our official Facebook or Instagram account:


Contributing Content to the Site:

How can I share my travel experience on the website? 


To share your experience, click on the “Share Your Experience” button. Fill in your name, email address, Article Title and Name of Author. Agree to the terms & conditions before submitting your article. Please note that processing takes 3-5 days before your article appears on the website.


Can I upload photos with my article? 


Yes, you can upload up to 2 images for the “Share Your Experience” feature. 

One image serves as the featured photo for the article, and another image is placed at the end. The maximum upload size is 2MB per post, and the combined file size of both photos must not exceed 2MB. Uploaded images have their resolution automatically optimized to landscape dimensions of 1200 x 900 pixels to ensure the quality of images.


Is there a payment required for sharing my article? 


No, sharing your article is free of charge.


How long does it take for my article to appear on the website? 


The processing time for articles is 3-5 days before they appear on the website under the “Share Your Stories” page.


Can I edit or remove my submitted article after it’s published? 


Once an article is submitted and published, it cannot be edited or removed. Please ensure accuracy before submission.


Are there specific guidelines for article content? 


Yes, the guidelines for submitting questions are provided before you click the ‘Submit’ button. Please review and adhere to the instructions outlined in the FAQ section to ensure your question aligns with our platform’s standards.


Is there a word limit for articles? 


Yes, there is a 1000-word limit, but it is recommended to keep articles concise and engaging. Aim for clarity and relevance.


Can I share articles on social media directly from the website? 


Yes. Once posted, you can use the social media links below the article to easily share it directly from the website. The platform supports direct sharing, making it effortless for you to promote your content across various networks.


Are there any rewards or incentives for submitting articles? 


Currently, there are no monetary rewards or incentives for submitting articles. However, your contribution will be appreciated by the community.


Can I submit articles about locations not mentioned in the listed destinations? 


At the moment, the website only features articles from specific locations. Stay tuned for updates on additional destinations.


Is there a limit to the number of photos I can upload with my article? 


Yes, you can upload a maximum of two photos, and each photo’s file size must not exceed 2MB. Please ensure that the combined file size of both photos does not exceed 2MB.


Can I share my article with friends before it’s published? 


No, articles will only be visible on the website after the 3-5 days processing period. Share the link once it’s live on the “Share Your Experience” page.


Are the articles on the website verified for accuracy? 


While we encourage authentic experiences, we do not independently verify the content. Users are encouraged to use their discretion and consider 

multiple sources.


Can I submit articles in a language other than English? 


Currently, we only accept articles in English to maintain consistency and accessibility for our diverse audience.


Can I submit articles anonymously? 


No, we require users to provide accurate information, including their name, email, and other details, for transparency and authenticity.


Can I submit an article if I didn’t use a Mitsubishi car for my travel experience? 


Currently, the focus of Taralets Pinas is on travel experiences using Mitsubishi cars. We encourage you to share stories specifically related to Mitsubishi car journeys.


How can I find articles related to a specific Mitsubishi car model? 


Visit the Drive page and click on the featured Mitsubishi car model to explore articles that showcase experiences using that particular car.


Can I submit multiple articles about the same destination? 


Yes, you can submit multiple articles about the same destination, as long as each article offers a unique perspective or focuses on different aspects of the travel experience.